Biotech/New Drugs

A first-in-class biologic drug targeting an important innate immunity pathway, CD24 Siglec signaling.
A first-in-class biologic that treats PIV induced hospitalized pneumonia via targeting the host cell surface receptor.
A first-in-class and best-in-class antibody drug that targets immuno-oncology target CD40.
A first-in-class small molecule drug targeting LAT1, large amino acid transporter protein.
An innovative biotech platform that marries CRISPRi technology with CAR-T technology to develop novel cell based therapies, including CAR-T, beyond blood cancer.
Immune-Onc Therapeutics
A first-in-class antibody drug targeting an immune inhibitory receptor LILRB4, for the treatment of M4 M5 type of AML.
Next Generation ”Gene-Therapy” Drug Delivery Platform, initially targeting chronic eye diseases, expandable to other broader indications.
Clinical-stage pharmaceutical company discovering and developing disease modifying treatments for neuropathy with first indication of diabetic neuropathy.
A tumor microenvironment targeted preclinical company with first focus on developing anti-CD39 humanized antibody drug with new MOA and drug design.

X-Disciplinary HealthTech

A transformative new flow cytometer platform company, replacing traditional filter with optical grating, and PMT with APD.
A revolutionary new biosensor platform that supports non-invasive continuous blood chemistry monitoring, including O2, Glucose, PH, lactate etc.
The world leader in the next generation of semiconductor ultrasound technology. Its MEMS-based CMUT technology achieves a higher resolution while significantly reducing the cost.
Disruptive digital Elisa protein-detection platform with ultra-high sensitivity, throughput and dynamic range.

IPO Exited

Aravive (Nasdaq: ARAV)
A first-in-class biologic drug, an AXL-Fc fusion protein which acts as a trap for Gas6 AXL signaling which plays an important role tumor metastasis and associated EMT mechanism.
Twist (Nasdaq: TWST)
Revolutionary silicon-based platform to enable high-throughput, rapid, precise and cost-effective DNA synthesis, potentially applicable in broad fields including healthcare, industrial chemicals, agriculture.
C4 Therapeutics (Nasdaq: CCCC)
C4T is pioneering a new class of small-molecule drugs that selectively destroy disease-causing proteins via degradation using the innate machinery of the cell.