Biotech/New Drugs

Aravive (Nasdaq: ARAV)
A first-in-class biologic drug, an AXL-Fc fusion protein which acts as a trap for Gas6 AXL signaling which plays an important role tumor metastasis and associated EMT mechanism.
A first-in-class biologic drug targeting an important innate immunity pathway, CD24 Siglec signaling.
OncoC4 is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company founded by prominent immunologist Prof. Yang Liu. Company develops Best-in-class CTLA-4 antibody and First-in-class CD24 antibody.
C4 Therapeutics (Nasdaq: CCCC)
C4T is pioneering a new class of small-molecule drugs that selectively destroy disease-causing proteins via degradation using the innate machinery of the cell.
A first-in-class and best-in-class antibody drug that targets immuno-oncology target CD40.
A first-in-class small molecule drug targeting LAT1, large amino acid transporter protein.
An innovative biotech platform that marries CRISPRi technology with CAR-T technology to develop novel cell based therapies, including CAR-T, beyond blood cancer.
Immune-Onc Therapeutics
A first-in-class antibody drug targeting an immune inhibitory receptor LILRB4, for the treatment of M4 M5 type of AML.
Next Generation ”Gene-Therapy” Drug Delivery Platform, initially targeting chronic eye diseases, expandable to other broader indications.
Clinical-stage pharmaceutical company discovering and developing disease modifying treatments for neuropathy with first indication of diabetic neuropathy.
A tumor microenvironment targeted preclinical company with first focus on developing anti-CD39 humanized antibody drug with new MOA and drug design.
A first-in-class biologic that treats PIV induced hospitalized pneumonia via targeting the host cell surface receptor.
To utilize our revolutionary and proprietary targeted protein degradation technology to create, in a highly efficient manner, new drugs for treatment of diseases that currently lack effective therapies.
SHANTON is a biotechnology research organization established in 2016 and key areas of interest focus on uric acid metabolism, inflammatory pain, and gout metabolic syndrome diseases.
Lipidio is focused on advancing a molecule to treat diseases associated with excess body fat including non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) and antipsychotic drug-induced weight gain (AIWG), which represent major unmet medical

X-Disciplinary HealthTech

Twist (Nasdaq: TWST)
Revolutionary silicon-based platform to enable high-throughput, rapid, precise and cost-effective DNA synthesis, potentially applicable in broad fields including healthcare, industrial chemicals, agriculture.
A transformative new flow cytometer platform company, replacing traditional filter with optical grating, and PMT with APD.
A revolutionary new biosensor platform that supports non-invasive continuous blood chemistry monitoring, including O2, Glucose, PH, lactate etc.
The world leader in the next generation of semiconductor ultrasound technology. Its MEMS-based CMUT technology achieves a higher resolution while significantly reducing the cost.
Disruptive digital Elisa protein-detection platform with ultra-high sensitivity, throughput and dynamic range.
Subtle Medical
The first AI solutions, FDA cleared for medical imaging enhancement Faster, Safer, Smarter
Bayland Scientific
Cardea Bio
Cardea is developing a Tech+Bio Infrastructure based on proprietary Biology-gated Transistors, or Cardean Transistors.
Neural Galaxy
Born out of Harvard Medical School and MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Neural Galaxy aims to help solve one of the biggest challenges facing mankind: brain disorders.