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Aravive Biologics is an innovative bio-pharmaceutical company developing first-in-class drugs targeting AXL signal pathway related tumor growth microenviroment.The company recently got top15 innovative biotech company award.

OncoImmune is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company developing first-in-class biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of GVHD (FDA phase II), cancer and other autoimmune diseases.


Quadriga BioSciences, Inc.  is developing proprietary small molecules for targeted cancer chemo therapies. It is first-in-class compound aim develop a drug targeting LAT1 with an amino-acid mimic that carries a chemo-“warhead”. .The first indication is glioblastoma disease.


Epimab is the leading player in bi-specific antibody platform on FIT-IgTM development with both licensing and in-house development. Their technology and product are are already licensed by other companies.


QuantoBio is a New Board listed company leading in flow cytometry reagent sector.. It ranks the top in China with the number of clinical-used reagent certificates. Their products are widely used in hospitals for clinical diagnosis and immuno therapy monitoring.

MicuRx is a clinical stage biotech company developing novel antibiotics for the treatment of resistant bacterial infections. The small molecule MRX-I is on CFDA phase III trial for better clinical safety use.

Orbiepharm is companion animal health company covering a broad range of products including novel drugs, generic drugs, healthcare products and medical devices. It developed China’s first approved companion animal new drug.


Sentieon develops highly-optimized algorithms software for sequencing application with 10-20X time saving efficiency.It has a team of professionals experienced in image processing, large-scale data mining, machine learning and bioinformatics, building tools to enable precision data analysis. Sentieon was awards multiple prizes by FDA.


Innonco is a biotech drug company targeting immunologic derangement to develop novel drugs for cancer cachexia patients. They are filing for 505(B)(2) in U.S.

Cytek Biosciences company has complete hardware, software and application team for developing an innovative multi-color flow cytometer with high performance at lower cost. The clinical use of flow cytometer is on the clinical application.

Kolo Medical is the world’s first company to make Kolo’s Silicon WaveTM transducer technology a practical alternative to PZT transducers, thus uniquely positioned to set a new performance standard in ultrasound imaging.

Profusa develops novel tissue-integrating biosensors that empower individuals with the ability to monitor in real time a variety of body chemistry for the management of personal health and diseases. The oxygen sensor got CE approval. The glucose sensor is on FDA 510(k).

Refuge Biotechnologies is leveraging the technologies to connects cell membrane receptors to CRISPR a/i systems and to control multiple gene expressions. Their proprietary platform is a nice combination of gene-editing technology applied in advancing cell therapy.


Sentieon develops highly-optimized algorithms for bioinformatics applications. It has a team of professionals experienced in image processing, large-scale datamining, machine learning and bioinformatics, building tools to enable precision data analysis. Sentieon was awards multiple prizes by FDA.


HISKY MED is a leading company for non-invasive ultrasound guided detection for liver diseases. With the collaboration with Tsinghua University its ultrasound elastic imaging equipments are widely used in hospitals and check up labs for the non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis.


Considerin is a next generation sequencing (NGS) platform company which provides an entire chain of clinical services. They are the first in China to get approval for clinical NGS with a suite of diagnostic reagent panels for cancer diagnostic and genetic screening.


Ligatech is the leading company in sports medicine. The Motor Shaver Systems and supplies have gained CE Mark. The Artificial Ligament series of product is on the process for CFDA approval.

Reach Surgical is China’s leading surgical device company with a full pipeline of open, endoscopic and energy (ultrasound and RF) based products and is selling globally. Reach is dedicated to providing surgeons with innovative and minimally invasive surgical solutions.


Rainbow is a pediatric clinic chain that services the medium to high end market in China. It has strong team with hospital operation experience. It aims for international standard with better service and more convenient for children.


Heartech Medical is a clinical stage medical device company focusing on innovative interventional treatment. It developed Heartech® which is China’s first transcatheter left ventricular partitioning system.

Pharmacodia is a global-facing online drug R&D data platform. It has systematically compiled over 1000 launched new drugs, and more than 5000 drug assets under various stages of clinical development. The annual publication The Pharmaceutical Index (2014) includes new drugs approved in 2014 in a highly structured and data-packed manner. Pharmacodia provides data, consulting, financing, e-commerce and media services. It was awarded ‘ZGC drug R&D data platform’ in 2015.