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MicuRx is a clinical stage biotech company developing novel antibiotics for the treatment of resistant bacterial infections.

Orbiepharm is companion animal health company with China’s first approved companion animal drug, and a robust pipeline of novel and first-in-China companion drugs under development.

OncoImmune is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class novel biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease.

HYK Gene is a next generation sequencing platform company which has developed China’s first clinically approved NGS sequencing machine and reagents. HYK also manufactures and markets a suite of diagnostic reagent panels for cancer diagnostic and genetic screening.

Pharmacodia is a global-facing online drug R&D data platform. Pharmacodia has systematically compiled over 1000 launched new drugs, and more than 5000 drug assets under various stages of clinical development. Pharmacodia publishes The Pharmaceutical Index, an annual publication of past year approved new drugs compiled in a highly structured and data-packed manner.

Rainbow is a pediatric clinic chain that services the medium to high end market in China.

HISKY MED develops and markets ultrasound elastic imaging equipment for the non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis.

Profusa develops novel tissue-integrating sensors that empower individuals with the ability to monitor a variety of body chemistry for the management of personal health and diseases.

Kolo Medical is the world’s first company to make Kolo’s Silicon WaveTM transducer technology a practical alternative to PZT transducers, thus uniquely positioned to set a new performance standard in ultrasound imaging.

Heartech Medical develops a novel heart failure treatment device in China.

Reach Surgical is China’s leading surgical device company with a full line of open, endoscopic and energy (ultrasound and RF) based products.  Reach also markets its products in other developed and developing countries outside of China. Reach is dedicated to providing clinical surgeons with innovative and minimally invasive surgical solutions.

Cytek Biosciences makes new generation flow cytometry machines with significantly improved functionality and performance at a much lower costs.

Aravive Biologics is an innovative bio-pharmaceutical company developing first-in-class drugs targeting critical cancer survival and metastasis pathways for the treatment of hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.