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Aravive Biologics is a First-in-Class biologic drug company, whose lead program is an AXL-Fc fusion protein acting as a trap for Gas6/AXL signaling which plays an important role tumor metastasis and associated EMT mechanism. The drug has started US IND in late 2017, and initiated Phase I clinical trials in human bodies in February 2018.
GiantCRO:A Full Service contract research organization, one of leading CROs in China. Founded in 2001, GiantCRO is one of the CRO found earliest in China. GiantCRO is growing rapidly and streadily with its head-office in Beijing, several branch offices in Shanghai, Wuhan, Xian, Shenyang, Changsha, Guangzhou, contact offices in U.S, England, Germany, Australia and Japan.
23mofang:One leader in the domestic consumer genetic testing, is China's first launch of hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the genetic testing products.
Immune-Onc Therapeutics:A privately held cancer immunotherapy company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel biologic treatments for cancer patients. Its lead program, an antibody targeting LILRB4, is being developed to treat acute myeloid leukemia and other cancers.
Apexigen:A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing a new generation of antibody therapeutics for oncology, with an emphasis on new immuno-oncology agents that could harness the patient’s immune system to combat and eradicate cancer. APX005M and the Company’s additional preclinical programs were discovered using APXiMAB™, Apexigen’s proprietary product discovery platform.
Eucure Biopharma is a global biotechnology company committed to the discovery and development of innovative immuno-oncology targeted antibodies which mainly focus on immune checkpoints. Several products have entered the CMC stage and will be starting clinical trials in 2018.
Biocytogen is the leading gene-targeted animal model and service supplier in China, offering gene engineered animal models such as immune deficient mouse models and immune checkpoint humanized mouse models globally. It has established platforms in Boston, Beijing and Jiangsu Haimen to offer tumor immunotherapy services, assisting pharmaceutical companies in attaining clinical trial approval status and INDs.
Ansun Biopharma is developing a first-in-class biologic drug that treats PIV induced hospitalized pneumonia via targeting the host cell surface receptor. The company has completed 800 human subjects study and obtained FDA break-through designation.
Eyebright is the first ophthalmic medical enterprise in China to receive a registration certificate for a collapsible intraocular lens medical device. It mainly manufactures Intraocular Lens and related surgical instruments for the treatment of cataracts, and has now expanded to orthokeratology lenses, ophthalmic instruments, viscoelastic materials and other fields.
KBP is a multinational clinical stage biotechnology company developing innovative therapies for unmet medical needs, whose key areas of interest include Cardiovascular, Infectious Disease, Respiratory, Inflammatory and Autoimmune diseases. KBP is developing an innovative pipeline KBP-5074 for CV disease/Hypertension in CKD patients- Initiating global Phase 2b in 2018.
Medtrum is the only company in China that has both CGM and Tubing-Free insulin pump, forming a closed loop for diabetes treatment and monitoring. The core product has been approved by the European Union and covered under medical insurance in Germany and France. It is currently sold in Europe and Southeast Asia and will expand to the US and China market after approval of FDA and CFDA.
Twist Biosciences is a revolutionary silicon-based platform to enable high-throughput, rapid, precise and cost-effective DNA synthesis, potentially applicable in broad fields including healthcare, industrial chemicals, agriculture etc.

OncoImmune is developing a First-in-Class biologic drug targeting an important innate immunity pathway, CD24/Siglec signaling. Its drug candidate is in US Phase II clinical trial with initial indication for GVHD, with potential for expansion to other auto-immune relate disease.

Quadriga Biosciences is developing a First-in-Class small molecule drug targeting LAT-1, large amino acid transporter protein. Its drug candidate acts as an amino acid mimic that carries a chemo warhead and selectively enter cancers cells which highly express LAT-1.

Epimab is the leading player in bi-specific antibody platform on FIT-IgTM development with both licensing and in-house development. Their technology and product are are already licensed by other companies.
QuantoBio is a New Board listed company leading in flow cytometry reagent sector. It ranks the top in China with the number of clinical-used reagent certificates. Their products are widely used in hospitals for clinical diagnosis and immune therapy monitoring.
MicuRx is a clinical stage biotech company developing novel antibiotics for the treatment of resistant bacterial infections. The small molecule MRX-I is on CFDA phase III trial for better clinical safety use.
Orbiepharm is companion animal health company covering a broad range of products including novel drugs, generic drugs, healthcare products and medical devices. It developed China’s first approved companion animal new drug.
Sinotau Pharmaceutical has developed three clear business scopes within the Group, a more traditional generic Pharma arm as its mainprofit-driven point, an innovative biological initiative and a nuclear medicine (Radiopharmaceutical) enterprise.
Innonco is a biotech drug company targeting immunologic derangement to develop novel drugs for cancer cachexia patients. They are filing for 505(B)(2) in U.S.
Cytek Biosciences is a transformative new flow cytometer platform company, replacing traditional filter with optical grating, and PMT with APD. With an experienced BD reagent team, Cytek achieves 20-color flow cytometer at the price of traditional low-end flow cytometer.
Kolo Medical is an early growth stage medical device company leveraging new semi-conductor technology to revolutionize traditional ultrasound industry by introducing a new consumer-engaging ultrasound device. Its MEMS-based CMUT technology achieves a higher resolution while significantly reducing the cost.
Profusa is a revolutionary new biosensor platform that supports non-invasive continuous blood chemistry monitoring, including O2, Glucose, PH, lactate etc., and a potential enabler platform for mobile health and broad consumer engagement.
Refuge Biotechnologies is an innovative biotech platform that marries CRISPRi technology with CAR-T technology to develop novel cell based therapies, including CAR-T, beyond blood cancer.

Sentieon is a software platform that enables efficient genomic data processing. It has a strong software engineering team from IT field, and has developed software 30-40x faster than traditional genome analytics.

HISKY MED is a leading company for non-invasive ultrasound guided detection for liver diseases. With the collaboration with Tsinghua University, its ultrasound elastic imaging equipments are widely used in hospitals and checkup labs for the non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis.
HYK Gene is a second-generation sequencing company that has got the first clinical approval for genetic testing in China. Its core product HYK-PSTAR-IIA high-throughput gene sequencing system is a domestic initiative and global leading NGS sequencing platform.
Ligatech is the leading company in sports medicine. The Motor Shaver Systems and supplies have gained CE Mark. The Artificial Ligament series of product is on the process for CFDA approval.

Reach Surgical is China’s leading surgical device company with a full pipeline of open, endoscopic and energy (ultrasound and RF) based products and is selling globally. Reach is dedicated to providing surgeons with innovative and minimally invasive surgical solutions.

Rainbow is a pediatric clinic chain that services the medium to high end market in China. It has strong team with hospital operation experience. It aims for international standard with better service and more convenient for children. As of 2017, it has expanded to five clinics, and launched "Q Rainbow" app for online services.

Heartech Medical is a clinical stage medical device company focusing on innovative interventional treatment. It developed Heartech® which is China’s first transcatheter left ventricular partitioning system with independent intellectual property rights and is undergoing clinical trials.

Pharmacodia is a global-facing online drug R&D data platform. It integrates drug development data and information and provide "one-stop information solution" such as data, consulting, financing, e-commerce and media services to drug development related professional, including R&D enterprises, government drug reviewers and venture capitals in worldwide. It has systematically compiled over 1000 launched new drugs, and more than 5000 drug assets under various stages of clinical development.